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Trent Here. I do those ugly brown pages at Documentation is not
what I do well :) So please help me when you see problems or something is
For more information provided by end users please visit the rxtx wiki at This is also where you can help.
Short Install Instructions
RXTXcomm.jar goes in \jre\lib\ext (under java)
rxtxSerial.dll goes in \jre\bin
Mac OS X (x86 and ppc) (there is an Installer with the source)
RXTXcomm.jar goes in /Library/Java/Extensions
librxtxSerial.jnilib goes in /Library/Java/Extensions
Run thats in the directory. Fix perms is in the Mac_OS_X
Linux (only x86, x86_64, ia64 here but more in the ToyBox)
RXTXcomm.jar goes in /jre/lib/ext (under java) goes in /jre/lib/[machine type] (i386 for instance)
Make sure the user is in group lock or uucp so lockfiles work.
Solaris (sparc only so far)
RXTXcomm.jar goes in /jre/lib/ext (under java) goes in /jre/lib/[machine type]
Make sure the user is in group uucp so lockfiles work.
A person is added to group lock or uucp by editing /etc/groups. Distributions
have various tools but this works:
lock:x:54: becomes:
Now jarvi and taj are in group lock.
Also make sure jarvi and taj have read and write permissions on the port.
If there are problems please help each other on the wiki and ask questions
on the mail-list. User contributed changes will be used here in the next
release. If you don't like the documentation, you can improve it.
Trent Jarvi
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